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IELTS 雅思-雅思口試高分必背句子 第4輯

IELTS 雅思-雅思口試高分必背句子 第4輯

400. He is the happiest man alive. 他是世界上最快樂的人。 
401. He neither smokes nor drinks. 他既不抽煙也不喝酒。 
402. He ran his horse up the hill. 他策馬跑上小山。 
403. He reminds me of his brother. 他使我想起了他的弟弟。 
404. He was efficient in his work. 他工作效率高。 
405. He will do anything but work.只要不是幹活,他幹什麼都行。 
406. His father runs a restaurant. 他的父親經營一家餐館。 
407. I have something to tell you. 我有事要告訴你。 
408. I smelled a smell of cooking. 我聞到了燒菜做飯的味道。 
409. I want to see the film again. 我真想再看一遍。 
410. I've got too much work to do. 我要做的工作太多了。 
411. Let's go for a walk,shall we? 咱們出去走走,好嗎? 
412. Please let me check the bill. 請讓我核對一下帳單。 
413. Plenty of sleep is healthful. 充足的睡眠有益於健康。 
414. The sun comes up in the east. 太陽從東方升起。 
415. This is because we feel pain. 這是因為我們能感到疼痛。 
416. What do you desire me to do? 你想要我做什麼? 
417. What you said was quite true. 你所說的完全符合事實。 
418. You can either stay or leave. 你或者留下或者離開。 
419. Your life is your own affair. 你的生活是你自己的事。 
420. All that glitters is not gold. 發閃光的不全是黃金。 
421. Are you going to have a party? 你要舉行聚會嗎? 
422. Aren't you concerned about it? 難道你不擔心嗎? 
423. Don't forget to keep in touch. 別忘了保持聯繫。 
424. He broke his words once again. 他又一次違背了諾言。 
425. He is in his everyday clothes. 他穿著平常的衣服。 
426. He is taller than I by ahead. 他比我高一頭。 
427. He led them down the mountain. 他帶他們下山。 
428. He was trained to be a lawyer. 他被培養成一名律師。 
429. I am afraid that l have to go. 我要走了。 
430. I don't have any cash with me. 我身上沒帶現金。 
431. I have been putting on weight. 我開始發胖了。 
432. I have just finished the book. 我剛剛讀完這本書。 
433. I was late for work yesterday, 我昨天上班遲到了。 
434. It appears to be a true story. 這故事似乎是真的。 
435. I've got to start working out. 我必須開始做健身運動了。
436. Japan is to the east of China. 日本在中國的東部。 
437. John asked Grace to marry him, 約翰向格雷斯求婚。 
438. My watch is faster than yours. 我的表比你的表快。 
439. New China was founded in l949. 1949年新中國成立。 
440. Thanks for your flattering me. 多謝你的誇獎。 
441. They charged the fault on him. 他們把過失歸咎於他。
442. This car is in good condition. 這車性能很好。
443. This work itself is very easy. 這件工作本身很容易。 
444. Truth is the daughter of time. 時間見真理。 
445. We look forward to your visit. 期待您的光臨。 
446. What do you think of this one? 您覺得這個怎麼樣子
447. What's the weather like to day? 今天天氣怎麼樣? 
448. A red tie will match that suit. 紅領帶會配那件衣服。 
449. A wet road is usually slippery. 潮濕的路往往是滑的。 
450. Example is better than precept。 身教勝於言傳。 
451. Go right back to the beginning. 直接回到起始位置。 
452. He does everything without aim. 他做事都漫無目標。 
453. He is respectful to his elders. 他對長輩很恭敬。 
454. He knows English better than I. 他比我懂英語。 
455. He resolved to give up smoking. 他決心戒煙。 
456. His talk covered many subjects. 他的報告涉及很多課題。 
457. I fear that he drinks too much. 我擔心他喝的酒太多了。 
458. I have my hair cut every month. 我每個月都理髮。 
459. I want to have a part-time job. 我想有一份兼職工作。 
460. I'm sorry to have bothered you. 對不起,打擾你了。 
461. It is not so easy as you think.這事沒有你想像的那麼簡單。 
462. Keep your temper under control. 不要發脾氣。 . 
463. Lying and stealing are immoral.說謊和偷竊都是不道德的。 
464. My efforts resulted in nothing. 我的努力毫無結果。 
465. My false teeth are stuck to it. 我的假牙還在上邊呢! 
466. She is a composer for the harp. 她是位寫豎琴曲的作曲家 
467. Take me to the airport,please. 請送我去機場。 
468. Talking with you is a pleasure. 和你談話很愉快 
469. The eggs are sold by the dozen. 雞蛋按打賣。 
470. The price just covers the cost. 這個價格正好抵消成本。 
471. The sweater is of good quality. 這件毛衣質地很好。 
472. The teacher got a little angry. 老師有點生氣了。 
473. Think carefully before you act. 三思而後行。 
474. Walt invented the steam engine. 瓦特發明了蒸汽機。 
475. We are divided in our opinions. 我們意見分歧。 
476. What ever I said,he'd disagree.不論我說什麼他都不同意。 
477. Who ever comes will be welcomed. 來的人我們都歡迎。 
478. You look as if you didn't care. 你看上去好像滿不在乎。 
479. You should look at it yourself. 你應該親自看看它。 
480. Draw your chair up to the table.把你的椅子拉到桌子旁邊來。 
481. He covered himself with a quilt. 他給自己蓋上一條被。 
482. He found my lecture interesting. 他覺得我講課有趣。 
483. He had a good many friends here. 他在這兒有很多朋友。 
484. He is only about five feet high. 他大概只有五英尺高。 
485. Her family are all music lovers.她全家人都是音樂愛好者。 
486. I am busy.How is your business? 我很忙。你的生意做得怎樣? 
487. I don't think much of the movie. 我認為那電影不怎麼樣。 
488. I feel like eating an ice-cream. 我想吃一個霜淇淋。 
489. I found him seated on the bench. 我發現他在椅子上坐著 
490. I gave much time to the old car.我在這輛破車上花了不少時間。 
491. I lost the door key about here. 我在這附近掉了門鑰匙。 
492. I'm not guessing,I really know.我不是在猜想,我真的知道。 
493. It's time to tell her the truth.是該告訴她真相的時候了。 
494. Let's watch TV with a candle on. 咱們點上蠟燭看電視吧。 
495. Most games cost about that much.大部分遊戲差不多都是這個價錢。 
496. My parents want me to go abroad. 我父母想讓我出國。 
497. She has been collecting stamps. 她一直收集郵票。 
498. There are many stars in the sky. 天上有很多星星。 
499. We get to London this afternoon.我們是今天下午到達倫敦的。 

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